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The Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH) focuses on critical issues emerging along the entire food value chain, from the primary raw materials and processing, to metabolic, nutritional, pathogenic and toxicity aspects, to personalized food, and consumer preference and acceptance. Secure access to safe, tasty food and a balanced diet are essential for maintaining health and improving quality of life. Worldwide, food and nutrition-related diseases, together with microbial or chemical contamination, generate enormous health care costs. The mission of the IFNH is to promote sustainable solutions founded on a detailed knowledge of the structure of foods and their components, elucidation of mechanisms (systemic and molecular) that dictate the physiological impact of diet, food, and components thereof, as well as development of innovative technologies and processes that meet the acceptance of an increasingly critical consumer. This framework addresses societal need for healthy and high quality food, maintaining the highest standards with regard to sustainability, quality, safety and efficiency in food production.


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