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IFNH members are highly interlinked in collaborative projects at the institute, department, and ETH level, and beyond. The vibrant network of collaborations within the institute is exemplified by involvement of most IFNH professors in a major Swiss Science National Foundation National Research Program:

Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production. Collaborative research teams focus on the following themes:

  • in vivo evaluation of new colloidal science-inspired strategies to mineral fortification and supplementation
  • in vivo validation of functional food emulsions’ role on eating behaviour, obesity and satiety
  • novel microbial biopreservation methods for fermented foods
  • Development of nutrition knowledge scales, and examining quantity and quality of food losses along the Swiss potato supply chain
  • Quantitative evaluation of functional food disintegration in the human stomach as prerequisite for optimized industrialprocessing of food structure with tailored function release and bioavailability.
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